Shenzhen 2019

MC: Stephen Thompson, Partner, HFW

Opening/welcome presentations

Andrew Goyder, Chair, Grain Trade Australia

Jason Robertson, Australian Consul General Guangzhou

Session 1: Market outlook

Jack Zhuang, CEO, AGLOOK - Global Special Crops Trade Mode Discussion & Solution

Session 2: Australian crop quality

Wilson Kong, Regional Manager, CBH - 2018/19 Australian crop quality: Western region

Lyndon Asser, Senior Commercial Manager, Glencore Agriculture - 2018/19 Australian crop quality: Southern region

Session 3:  Australian crop production capacity and outlook

Hannah Janson, Head of Profarmer and Australian Crop Forecasters: Australian S&D and Australia’s grain industry capacity and supply potential

David Cui, General Manager China, Graincorp: Changes in Australian Barley varieties

Andrew Goyder, Co-founder & Principal, Grain Link WA: Australian oats - where to now?

Session 4: Australian grain – improving nutrition for feed and food

Brenton Hosking, Consultant, AEGIC - Australian sorghum for pigs: value and opportunity

Mark Tucek, Barley & Oat Quality Program Manager, AEGIC - Novel oats products

Sara Grafenauer, General Manager, Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council - Nutritional benefits of wholegrain consumption on population health

Session 5: Working together to build cooperation and facilitate trade

Rosemary Richards, Trade & Market Access Manager, Grain Trade Australia - Working together to address NTMs

Pat O’Shannassy, CEO, Grain Trade Australia: Australian grain value proposition for customers