AGIC Asia 2018 - Bangkok 20 March 2018

Stuart M Rees, Australian Trade Commissioner and Counsellor (Commercial), Bangkok - no presentation

Pat O'Shannassy, CEO, Grain Trade Australia: Australian grain industry value proposition

Walaikorn Rattanadechakul Acting Expert on Plant Import Export System and Agriculture Factor, Agricultural Regulatory Office, Department of Agriculture (DOA): Thailand's Biosecurity Inspection and Control of Importation of Wheat and other Grains

William Syers, Senior Marketing Manager - Milling Wheat, Bunge Asia Pte Ltd: Trends in the flour milling sector in Thailand/Asia  Request a copy

Larisa Cato, Wheat Quality Technical Markets Manager, AEGIC: Australian wheat for sponge & dough baking in South East Asia

Mark Torrens, Commodities & Risk Manager, Mars Petcare: Sourcing cereals and proteins for emerging markets - a pet food perspective

Tim Walker, Consultant, AEGIC: Value of Australian feed grains - application in poultry rations

Hannah Janson, Head, NZX Australia: The Australian production system

Luke Mathews, Trade & Economics Manager, Grain Growers Limited: Innovation in varieties and quality: farm to customer

Andrew Vroland, Director Trading, Glencore Agriculture Pte. Ltd, Singapore: Australian supply chain performance